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Trying to think of some resolution that is bold, but that i could actually keep.  Could I knit every day?  Drink water?  Exercise?  Write letters?  Blog everyday?  I’d like to have these disciplines, but doing is my downfall. Gone to … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! Dinner Christmas Eve with Paula nd His family, dinner Christmas Day with my family and AB, Ali and their families.  So much fun to be together.  I do love this crazy gang of mine. So much snow last week!  My lovely county … Continue reading

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Chorus and Instrumental concerts this week.  Sang in the school community chorus and that was great fun. They did the 1812 overture tonight at the instrumental concert.  No howitzers, which is how I prefer my 1812, but pretty good with loud … Continue reading

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Hey, I feel cheerful! Much of this comes from singing with the school community chorus.  We had our final practice tonight.  We have practiced 4 times, and will sing two songs in the concert tomorrow night, and join with the … Continue reading

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Grades Program of studies update (overdue) Find coverage for the classes I will miss because I am on a field trip (forgot about that until today) Buy juice boxes to go with the lunches I made because I forgot to … Continue reading

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There are certain things, no matter how much you attempt to make it your own and put a cheerful face on it, will always be a source of frustration.  This teacher of the year business is going to be one of … Continue reading

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Our staff objected to having to nominate a teacher of the year, and wrote the superintendent and told him so.  Today he comes to meet with a small group of us and talk about it.  Since I composed the letter, … Continue reading

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