1. I bought a pair of green socks that I like very much, but my overall shoe situation is weak.  Can’t seem to find shoes that fit the old corrective orthotics without looking like Frankenstein shoes.
  2. I agreed to help chaperone the middle school women’s chorus trip to New Orleans in June.  Small group, no boys to chase out of their rooms, and I like the  chorus teacher, she is a fun gal.  Sounds like a good scenario.
  3. Bit by bit I grasp at rung to pull myself out of the hole.  Still many things not done, but some things, done. Amen.
  4. A to do list is not effective unless you go back and look at it.
  5. I have pretty low self esteem, but I usually like my hair, and it has been looking craptapular of late, so I am really glad that I had to reschedule my Dec 19 haircut, and was able to move it to this coming weekend.  because without the hair you see, I am nothing.
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  1. Anne says:

    Two comments:

    -You are always a very big something to me! Though I do love the hair.

    -No offense intended here but since when are middle schoolers (ages 11-13, right?) considered “women”? We rush to have them grow up so soon and I’d love for them to be able to be girls for a while longer.

    I do love you and your hair.


  2. Liz says:

    First response: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?
    Upon reflection: That Bonnie is a FUNNY LADY.

    Also– are you ready to assert and then bemoan your white privilege?

    • Eleanor says:

      I am ready. I have done my readings and everything. I thought some of the things on that list were pretty thought provoking.

      Also I am out of my mind.

      AB – I think it is because they “boys” choir would not be down with that name, so they are called “men” (hee) so it is about parallel construction. But yes, it is whack.

  3. crazytobeme says:

    I’d like to clarify that since you are not taking a choir of “men” with you, that means you’ll not be chasing “men” that you know already out of hotel rooms… there are “men” and MEN everywhere.

    Be aware of these “women” wanting to meet up with their new BFF from Facebook – you know, the friend of the cousin of the babysitter’s boyfriend’s camp counselor – because I’m sure they are just the GREATEST!! and are SO nice!

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