1. Our staff objected to having to nominate a teacher of the year, and wrote the superintendent and told him so.  Today he comes to meet with a small group of us and talk about it.  Since I composed the letter, I am in the meeting.  Hoping that in the short amount of time we have that we can convey how this doesn’t mesh with our school’s philosophy.
  2. Why did we object?  Because that is how we roll.  We don’t want to lift one teacher above another.  We were designed to be different, egalitarian, and to question before accepting.  Conversations like this, win or lose, are part of our process.  We also don’t like extra paperwork.
  3. With all of the extra things, like this meeting and the 9th grade field trip to the county technical school, and trying to find out if teachers are going to be able to look at the new gradebook software, etc etc, I feel like this is the longest week ever, and that I am spending very little of it working on teaching!
  4. It’s time to get up but kevin the cat is lying here purring and it just seems like a better idea to stay here.
  5. He has his head on the pillow! Awwww..he thinks he’s people!
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