1. There are certain things, no matter how much you attempt to make it your own and put a cheerful face on it, will always be a source of frustration.  This teacher of the year business is going to be one of those things.  Though I went into the conversation knowing we would have to give in today to make a good relationship for tomorrow, it is just wrong that we are being made to do something we don’t believe in.  It’s like the fact that the Pride (my college band) plays grand old flag, instead of OK Oklahoma at pregame, like we did when I was there.  Not the end of the world, I’ll live, but everytime I hear it (Hello you tube) just wrong!
  2. I sigh.
  3. So very glad for the weekend.
  4. Glee is still great, in case you were wondering.
  5. I’m a pretty boring person to live with.  Got home, walked for pizza, talked on phone, computer time. sleep.  that’s me. whee!
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