1. Hey, I feel cheerful!
  2. Much of this comes from singing with the school community chorus.  We had our final practice tonight.  We have practiced 4 times, and will sing two songs in the concert tomorrow night, and join with the high school choir on the hallelujah chorus.  It is so much fun singing in a big group!  I am really looking forward to the concert.
  3. The student for whom I wrote a college recommendation, got in!  Hooray!  I feel like I just had  baby!  In a totally pain feel way.   This does remind me, however, that I have other recommendations on my desk.  Must deal with all that paper, and soon!  Perhaps I should establish a morning chorus to motivate me.  Why aren’t there more fun morning activities anyway.  Why must things wait til evening when we are all tired?
  4. Great trip to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at National O So Graphic (Geographic) today.  I love my ancient civ class so much!  They are either really good liars, or they really liked it.  They also liked that I brought sandwiches, since I was afraid I hadn’t told them they had to bring lunch.
  5. I like feeling good, and the strange thing is I was so unhappy just a few hours ago.  There is some sort of lesson here.  Hmmmm.  Something about breaking the cycle, or setting down your worries for a while (because I still have them) or at least getting a few things done and then going on to something fun….something like that. 
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  1. romelover says:

    it’s not a morning chorus and it’s not always large, but you do have two (2–but only one fun one) opportunities to sing with “large groups.” Every week. Twice a week.
    I mean, what’s not to like? Oh, the fact that it’s ONE MORE THING? Okay, you have me there.

    But we do go out afterwards sorta regularly.

    just offering….

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