1. Chorus and Instrumental concerts this week.  Sang in the school community chorus and that was great fun.
  2. They did the 1812 overture tonight at the instrumental concert.  No howitzers, which is how I prefer my 1812, but pretty good with loud bass drum strategically placed throughout the auditorium.
  3. Came home from the Tuesday chorus concert to an email that another member of our church is fighting the cancer.  A young mother, no less.  Damn you cancer. (shakes fist).  She is in treatment and the outlook seems optimistic, but what a trail for her and her family.
  4. I wish there was something I could do.  Float a balloon (full size not a little hand held one) past her hospital window.  Hire carol singers to traisp throough the halls, make this disease vanish, etc.
  5. Snow in the forecast, and I am altar guild crew leader this weekend, and a have a fancy dress party to go to!  Hooray!  Sounds like adventure and I am in need of that. (that and 10 extra hours in each day.)
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2 Responses to

  1. Liz says:

    PLEASE make snow deacons and snow bishops and snow everything and take pictures and put them up to make me laugh!!!!!!
    Also: bring your $1 on TUESDAY!

  2. Scott Stanfield says:

    Hey, EL;

    Ref: Dec 1 post. Check w/ your Mom about shoes. She knew a great place in Chicago back in the day that had all the shoes covered!


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