1. Trying to think of some resolution that is bold, but that i could actually keep.  Could I knit every day?  Drink water?  Exercise?  Write letters?  Blog everyday?  I’d like to have these disciplines, but doing is my downfall.
  2. Gone to movies: Sherlock Holmes(good, but I dozed off in the middle), 2012(standard world ends, people show cowardice and heroism depending on how handsome they are), Christmas Carol(scarier than I expected).  Tomorrow I got o see Avatar, IMAX, 3D.  All the bells and whistles.
  3. Would like to be heroic and bold.
  4. Have a cold.  This not only makes me feel less than capable of being heroic and bold, but I wake up in the middle of the night from weird decongestant laced dreams.
  5. My cats are good about lying helpfully on top of me when I am sick, imparting their healing powers.  They got a Christmas card today from Adan and Lego.  Michico signed it herself.  Now SHE is a disciplined blogger.  Writes every day, has pictures, and translates!
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