1. Happy New Year.
  2. I ushered in the New Year at ABs fine party.  Had a cold, so sat somewhat dazedly, boozed up on decongestants and champagne.  Nice to be with friends.  Ali subscribes to the theory that the way you spend New Years is indicative of how you will spend the year.  I hope this is true on the friends part, not the have a year long cold part.
  3. I’ve spent the daynursing my cold, sleeping and watching TV, listening to my ears ring, only leaving the house  to go get some chili with AB and Ali.
  4. Toying with format changes for ye olde blog.  Maybe name posts, maybe 4 things, maybe 1 thing, maybe no change at all.  Just thinking, more fun than thinking about work and grades and recertification etc, that will all need to be faced on Monday.
  5. Considering some sort of daily challenge like knitting everyday. even if ust a row or two. (did one row today, just in case I decide to go with it so I have a winning record)
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