1. One difference for this blog is that I have set myself up to post via email. So there may be gaps in the space time continuum, as I might write throughout the day, rather than waiting til the end. I’ll not post until I have my 5 things. I’ll experiment with putting times.
  2. 1030am: Another Saturday, sitting with AB and Ali at stelmos. Once I said “do you think we will still be sitting here when we are 40?” Unfortunately, Ali was almost to that milestone. Beatings ensued. But really, will we still be here when we are 50? 60? We should be so lucky! |
  3. 2:00pm: A sudden urge to do laundry. I must rush home and act on it!
  4. I can already tell I don’t like putting times.
  5. Dinner tonight with Chris, Melissa and Michael.  Michael starts his new school Monday, and I go back to work.  Argh!  My how I do love vacation.  Far too much.
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