1. Cold outside today.
  2. Spent time at three gatherings today.  There is a difference between going to an event and actually BEING there.  I tend to withdraw to a few friends, or a corner, or the cheese dip, comfortable with the people I know best. I ought to work harder at being present, meeting and mingling with people that I don’t know, or don’t know as well.  Though I certainly do love when my close friends and the cheese dip are right next to each other, as happened today.
  3. I have a mild feeling of optimism about going back to school.  Perhaps because my head is somewhat less congested.  Perhaps because I mostly know what I am going to teach tomorrow.  Perhaps because I have some fun projects, like getting online ticketing organized for the school plays.  Whatever the reason it is a good feeling, and unexpected.
  4. I am about to count how many skeins of yarn I have.
  5. I did not go through my email  this holiday, like I was hoping to.  Some projects for 2010: Christmas2009 (Epiphany2010) Cards. Framing and hanging the mission posters at church. The silent auction for Fr. Yohana’s car.  Mom and Dad’s 50th Anniversary. (and they said it would never last!) Oh, and defeating the email and paper clutter.  Must put a list on my bulletin board.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    just please always remind us to move the dip to your side!!

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