1. Ahh sweet injustice. Sometimes at the starbucks, while I am readying my drink, someone will, unwittingly I am sure, nab my breakfast sandwich which means I am handed theirs. Today this error meant I got the sausage and egg, which I rarely order, because it is full of delicious grease and death. Yummy! Seriously, it is.
  2. I don’t feel any pressing desire to move, but there is a little yellow house right near school, that has a front porch, and is mighty tempting.  I am however, very fond of the south side of town, and my little fairlington.
  3. Went to a Navy retirement tonight.  I have never been to a Navy retirement before, and it was nice.  I love little military traditions, and the navy has the “side boys” and piping the captain on and off, and that was very cool.  There is a whole world taht so many people don’t know about, that of military tradition and pomp.  I love that world, and I do love a parade.
  4. Geography Bee quite successful.  3 kids who answered all 7 correctly  and a whole slew of 6s.  Some are not easy questions!  What contintent is home to Queen Maud Land?  The nice thing is that the rounds balance out, so the poor saps who get the Queen Maud land question, also get clues of Tutankamen and Nile river and have to name the county as a question later.
  5. Sleepy sleepy sleppet blargh snnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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  1. Melissa says:

    Navy retirement sounds fun! Would have loved to have seen that!

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