1. A little heel pain with the new shoes.  Hoping this is just transitional; my feel rebelling against being correctly oriented.
  2. Waiting at school for the play to start.  Friends of mine who are related to a cast member are coming to meet me here, and we shall enjoy the delights of middle school theater.  Elizabeth said she hoped there was a bake sale, as do I.  A little brownie would go nice just now.
  3. I have my new Cute Overload calendar on my desk, and even though my own fair kittens are not in this edition, I anticipate the same happy times as last year, enjoying its page a dayness.
  4. The rest of my desk is covered with the usual craptapular pile of projects in progress, things that need to be graded, and the like.  It is, basically, a terrible place where papers go to die.  MUST improve in this area.
  5. We returned to our after school workout routine today, and it was not too bad.  If only I could gain control over the goods I shove into my gaping maw.  Now, off to see about that brownie.
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