1. I will never not enjoy watching my car go through the car wash.
  2. If I could get my classroom clean, I’d think about going for national teacher certification.
  3. I had a rising junior ask if he could take ancient civ next year. I said heck yeah and bring your friends! How awesome would that be to get a group of juniors? (It’s normally taken by sophomores.)
  4. More on this National Board thing.  I had really never been interested in it before.  But today I was reading an article about it, I came home, was talking to Paul and I surprised myself by being fairly articulate about why this might be a good idea.  It seems like when you are new to teaching and full of energy, you don’t really know enough to be really good at it.  There is a learning curve you see.  Then, by the time you start to get a handle on things, and the moment comes where you could really innovate, you are all tired out, and in my case, there keep being reasons that I can’t get that innovation going, so I am riding at a level of mediocrity, and if I don’t do something, I am going to finish out the next 15 years that way.  Now I don’t know that doing this National Board thing would necessarily help me change things, or just trap me in paperwork, but if it could help me get the boost to make those changes, I’d do it.  So it can’t hurt to go to the informational session.  After talking with Paul, I went to the computer, and looked to see what was the process in to start this, and the county’s information session for people who want to try this next year?  Tomorrow.  Now how about that?  Anyway, maybe I won’t do it after I hear about it, but it feels nice that I can so quickly act on the impulse.
  5. I’d have to get my room at home clean too.  I’ve got way too much stuff.
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  1. Chrissie says:

    It’s a God-incident. Go listen. Be inspired. Do whatever comes next.

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