1. For some reason, not completely sure what it is, I volunteered to help with organizing ticket sales for the shows in our large auditorium.  (One possible reason is that we have a cute little ticket booth, and they never used to use it and in my world, they would. Another is I like tidy rows of figures, both numerical and in seats.  Third possible reason, I am stupid.)  So I checked out online ticketing systems, and found what seemed to be the least expensive.  They set up the auditorium map, and charge a fee to the buyer to comver the costs and the credit card processing.  We can also sell from the box office, for a smaller fee.  The Director of the musical sent out the notice this afternoon, and in an hour we had sold 50 tickets.  I think, in spite of the fee, parents will like the convenience.
  2. Anyone want to come to the musical?  Thoroughly Modern Millie.  I got my tickets for Thursday, but would go another night if anyone is interested.  (I know someone in the ticket office, so I can switch my tickets!)
  3. End of the quarter tomorrow.  Halfway through the year.  I’ve got a big pile of grading and will go in on Saturday to beat it into submission. 
  4. I’m not watching much tv of late, but am still staying up too late.
  5. Seeing the Terra Cotta warriors on Monday.
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2 Responses to

  1. Ali says:

    I’m up for Thurs eve… anyone else?

  2. chrissie says:

    I can do Thursday too. Maybe the Student can, maybe not. He’s got a “flexible” schedule these days….

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