1. All went well with the tickets, and it was a fun show.  The kids were great, and it is a fun story.  My sweet guys!  I loved seeing them so bold and fun.
  2. Love was in the air.  Romance, always romance in musicals. 
  3.  The two chinese guys were my favorite.  A Chinese student in our English as second language program played one brother, a skinny white kid (who just happens to be one of my favorite students, even though I hardly know him, he is just so cool, because he doesn’t know how cool he is.) played the other.  Their scenes were in Chinese.  A funny twist, apparently they were written in Cantonese, but the native speaker only speaks Mandarin.  So he is speaking Mandarin, while the other kid (who learned it phonetically, listening to a CD) is speaking Cantonese.  Oh you whacky teens!  I really hope there is a Chinese linguist in the audience who notices that.  That would make me very very happy!
  4. Chrissy and Ali and I went to a diner after.  I was quite hungry.  I was so busy I hardly ate anything all day.  I should do that more often.  Of course, if I end the day with waffles and bacon, it might not make a difference.
  5. mmmmm. waffles.
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