1. OK.  High goals for the 10:30 bedtime tonight.
  2. Had a very strange dream last night.  Survived a mudslide and flooding at the Laura Ingalls Wilder historical site.  The mudslide was pretty spectacular.  I saw it start and then the whole hillside slid away.
  3. I took soup to school today and while leaving this afternoon I dropped my crockpot in the hall and broke it!  Poor Lou the custodian, who I just finished telling that I was going to keep my room cleaner, helped me clean it up, since it smashed all over his nice clean hallway.  I had just gotten a new smaller crockpot yesterday, so maybe this means this apartment has a one crock limit.
  4. School is crazy busy and my classroom is a mess.   I need to spend some extra time there.  That sounds so annoyingly familiar.
  5. I might be distracted, but I don’t feel 24 brought the goods tonight.  I need a little ramp up on the intrigue.  Also, Aaron Pierce, Secret Service.  He has been in every season.  He is the everyman hero.  He better show.
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