1. Took a half day off to have a little quiet and go to a funeral.
  2. Did some bank transfers and paid some bills.
  3. Talked with the LZ about this New Orleans trip and the money involved.  She is of the mind that chaperones shouldn’t pay.  I have to say I agree, but am not sure I am willing to extract myself, as I feel I’ve promised, but am willing to have some conversations with key players.
  4. I’ve been knitting a lot, and am willing to go public with this now.
  5. Had some time to kill and went to Ali’s (she is out of town.  I have her key and she has cable.  yes I asked permission before I barged in.) and spent a little time watching Little Miss Perfect, which is a disaster of a reality tv show about kid beauty pageants.  I admit it, I am drawn to bad behavior on reality TV.
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  1. Brudda Dave says:

    A-ha! You’ve been holding out on your friends! That makes you …. a closet maniac! …. Oh wait … we knew that already! … OK! So that’s really no hold out at all …. hmmm …. carry on then!

    No blades, no bows! Leave your weapons here!

  2. Melissa says:

    I hear ya about that “Little Miss Perfect” show — it’s like a train wreck and you can’t look away. I think this is why I’m drawn to some reality shows like “Real Housewives” — watching those shows make me feel normal and I like that feeling. Second, YEAH FOR YOU and your knitting this year! I think I should join your “cause” and endeavor to stitch just one row on any project — I’m still trying to finish the 1-19 Crest for Chris and he’s been out of command for over 18 months now — yikes! But what a great idea! May have to pull out my stitching again! Also, when is that class in February — I would love to go and just watch — and maybe (???) keep you from purchasing more yarn — LOL!!!

  3. Liz says:

    No paying for New Orleans.
    ’nuff said

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