1. It is time to do schedules for next year which means it is the countdown to see what classes I will teach next year.  Next year will be the real toss up, and the new econ requirement kicks in, and Ancient Civ may die, and me with it, but let us leave that pain for another day.  I hope ancient civ makes up big, so if it is the last, we can go out with a bang.
  2. Along the scheduling lines, I went chasing around today, looking for one of my ancient civvies, one of my former bad boys, to tell him I think he should try AP US History next year.  There could be a new door opening for that boy.
  3. I stumbled upon this from a long time ago.  Still like it.
  4. How depressing to go back and read entries from January of 2008 and see that my troubles then were primarily losing weight and being disorganized.  I must embrace success or failure in these ventures and move on!
  5. Tomorrow I must drink water.  I am so dry I think I am turning to dust.
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  1. Rod says:

    Are you turning into an econ teacher? Cool!

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