1. It is pretty rewarding to see a topic you were discussing in class as a student’s status on facebook! (daoism)
  2. I went to the science fair this evening.  I’ve never gone before.  The kids were cute (and total spazzes in some cases, running around while waiting for their stuff to be judged.)  I was impressed by some of the visuals, great colors and good design, but I loved my little guy who’s stuff was crooked, and somethings had been torn out rather than cut, because he did it all himself.  I think he felt it wasn’t good enough, but it didn’t matter.  His project was good.  I hope he wins it all.
  3. Tomorrow is Paul’s niece, Katie’s birthday!  Hooray!  Pizza and Cake!
  4. AB and Ali are both out of town at the same time.  Unacceptable!
  5. I need to try and resolve if I have enough recertification points before I start a class on Monday, because as much as I love the learning, I already feel tired thinking about it.
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