1. For a change it is Kevin the cat sitting on my lap as I type.  He is a touch (ooff) larger (umph) than violet, so it is cozy, but a little harder to work around.  He doesn’t lie on my wrists, which is good, because I would then be feebly reaching with one finger, towards the key to type “help.”
  2. I did cooking from the large amount of food in the fridge.  Did my shopping this weekend.  Have menus to cook.  Wasn’t bad.  This may seem minor, but a victory for organization and spending less.   I am a hero.
  3. Looks like I will have enough credits for recertification without taking a 30 hour online course.  Big hooray!
  4. Kevin has relaxed and spread out so far that I am having to reach out about an extra foot to get ot the keyboard.
  5. help
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