6 February, 2010 15:59

1. Hello from my cell phone in my powerless house. Have spent much of day underblanket topped with 2 cats. 2. Earlier walked out, find a tire rut to walk in. I and others walking with the shambling steps of the decafinated, searching for source of hot water for coffee. 3. After writing the above went out again, got good intel from a man on the street that there was a pizza place open…and they had coffee. Was glad I had brought my thermoses on my outing, just in case. Went and got a large coffee for one thermos, and hot water for the other. Feel quite victorious! 4. Power co says possibly on by 4. Several people have offered safe and warm harbor but for now we are ok. 5. Paul and I are joining some friends in the neighborhood for a potluck.

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One Response to 6 February, 2010 15:59

  1. Liz says:

    pobrecita! we have power and two dogs for additional warmth. also lots of wine. although less than when we started.
    seriously– do you have power back? you are always welcome here.
    also, i suspect we will never have school again. it’s supposed to snow again on tuesday, for god’s sake!

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