1. I took a nap today.  It was awesome.
  2. So this is the big snow.  SNOWPOCALYPSE! SNOWMAGGEDON!  AHHHHH!  So far, snuggled in here and happy.  Made a nice dinner, Paul and I took a walk, watched a movie.  There was a brief power outage that was worrisome, but it came back on.
  3. Last night Ali and I went curling!  It was really fun.  They gave a lesson then we played about 5 ends.  There is one thing about curling that is so up my alley.  Absolute and total good sportsmanship.  Even professionally, you call your own fouls.  Also you never cheer about knocking another teams stone out of position.  And matches start and end with handshakes and “good curling.”
  4. You know, now that the organ project at church is completed, you know what our church needs?  A curling sheet.
  5. It is really snowing quite a bit.  It is possible we may never go to school again.
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