1. Power came back on around 7 last night. Very nice.
  2. Spent a quiet day at home.  A little cleaning.  Baked substandard cookies (too cakey.)
  3. Read a book, A Simple Plan.  A suspense novel that was really more of a sad morality tale.  The question wasn’t if something would go wrong, but rather when, and how much of it could have been avoided, but for human weakness.
  4. Walked to Dave and Chrissie’s to watch the super bowl.   Pleasant to be with others after a quiet day.
  5. School closed for tomorrow and it wouldn’t surprise me to see it closed for longer.  Even the main roads have snow packed on them and the residential streets I have seen are very bad.  I think the children are pretty smart already, so I hope these few days won’t be a detriment.
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