1. Did lots of laundry today, probably not as much as I would like since it seems to take two dryer runs to get things dry.  But the end is in sight.
  2. Made chocolate chip cookies to give to the Superstar Condo Shovelers.  Now I just have to find them.  They sneak in and out, leaving clean walks behind them.  I shall get up in the morning and lie in wait, then, catlike, race out and throw a bag of cookies at them.
  3. Lost is tough to follow at the best of times, but since I keep falling asleep (not bored, just warm and tired) it is nigh onto impossible. 
  4. There is too much butter in this house.  Note to self: don’t buy any more butter.
  5. The TV news wants me to be angry about the snow and the inconvenience, but I just don’t want to be. 
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