1. Mommy’s Birthday today.  We (Mom, Dad, Chris, Michael) went to see Grease at the National Theater.  It was fun!  I see now this is a story of teen angst and identity struggle, masked with singing and peppy dancing.
  2. We then went to Chris and Melissa’s where Melissa had made a very nice dinner and delicious caramel cake.  We had a really nice time together.
  3. I took a knitting class this morning to learn how to do cables.  It is remarkably easy.  I was really happy to be there and learn something new.
  4. I saw on facebook that some of my students are talking about how bored they are and ready to go back to school.  I am noting the time and date for the record, and I told them so.
  5. I ventured out in my car, and the roads are clear, but Fairlington is full of one lane travel so you have to be prepared to pull aside and let the oncoming car pass, like in an English country lane.  I think it will be like that for some time.  These piles of snow are so large, it is hard to imagine that they will melt anytime soon!
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