1. Well, tomorrow will be an exciting day.  Back to school after nearly two weeks.  Since February 2 we have been in school only two days!
  2. I am up way to late, because I want to watch the pairs skating final and I am angry, as I am every Olympics, that they are dragging out the viewing.  It used to be that they pushed whatever was most popular til 10:50, which was bad enough.   Now they have clearly made a deal to push back the local news and there are 2 couples still to skate and it is 11:35!  This is just ridiculous.  It’s not like it is live.  They have made a deliberate programming decision to do this, and it angers me!  Bring me the head of Bob Costas!
  3. I am happier about school when I have done my work.  I know that seems like a simple equation, but it is hard sometimes to sit down and look at the same thing over and over and it is so easy to put it off.  So I am so glad I went into school Friday to grade notebooks and sat down and graded the tests today.  Must remember this feeling, must remember this feeling…
  4. Ok, skating over.  To bed!
  5. oh, and the skating commentators bug too.  I’m sure they are nice people and all, but hesh up.
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2 Responses to

  1. Ali says:

    Zucker’s the guy you want – Costas is just a minion… but how cool that China took Gold! So long USSR domination! 😛

  2. Connie says:

    Eleanor, we can’t watch Olympic skating together because Guy mocks the announcers nonstop. Which is funny, and completely appropriate because they are so annoying, but it really detracts from the watching experience!

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