1. Chris and I went to see Arlo Guthrie on Friday, and then Michael and I went to Sweeny Todd at Signature Theater today.  Both nice shows.  Arlo Guthrie had a much lower body count than Sweeny Todd.
  2. I’m feeling a little peaked.  Kind on feverish and funny. (Peculiar, not ha -ha)
  3. I’ve been speaking for the last few days about my withdrawal from society, but this really isn’t possible.  I do, however want to trim down my evening engagements for a time.  I need to slow down and write a letter or something.
  4. Along these lines I need to have some dedicated time to prepare for the silent auction fundraiser for Father Y’s (of Tanzania) car.  It’s do-able, but like everything, lots of work.  If I don’t stop moving and take time to plan the weeks will just slip away and it will not be pleasant.
  5. I think I like ice-dancing the best of the figure skating.  The regular skating is so jump focused, and one fall everyone goes “awww” and then that’s it for that team.  Ice dancing seems to have a lot more complicated footwork, and removes that “if they fall it is all over” tension.
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  1. Mamoo says:

    Too bad you cannot be home watching both men’s and women’s Curling as I have been the last 2 days- now there is a Sport!! M

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