1. Things just feel like such an insane comedy sometimes.  The eighth graders wanted to do a Haiti fundraiser, so we’ve been taking orders for cookies that will be delivered tomorrow.   I leave all the order forms at home today and have to go back and get them.  I lock the money in my file cabinet and now I can’t find the  key.  Because of the snow, this whole event got pushed to the same night as our student led conferences, and sometime in the next 10 hours I have to clean the classroom, help the kids finish their preparation for tonight, prepare and execute the decorating and packing  of 160 cookies and 40 brownies, and somewhere in that, teach 4 classes and go to town meeting and an IEP meeting.  (Oh, and somewhere in there write up the notes for the auction so that it can be talked about at the mission meeting tonight!)
  2. I shouldn’t even be stopping to write, but I NEED to speak my truth!
  3. I can articulate better now that what I mean from needing to withdraw fromm society, if that the “leave at 7am, return to house after 7pm scenario, 3 to 4 nights a week is taxing, and means that basics like laundry and food shopping fall by the wayside, let alone keeping things tidy at home, and any sort of hobby or relaxation.
  4. Many things that keep me out late are important or fun, and I don’t mind them a the time.  For example the school system had a bowling tournament and our school competed.  I went over after the workout, and even bowled a game.  What I loved was that when you looked down the line at the names on the displays, it was all “sally” “anne” “bill” until you got to our school, and there, every player had the name of an olympian.  Until you’ve bowled with Bode Miller, A. Ohno and Evan Lysachek, you haven’t bowled.
  5. I like it when my house smells like cookies.  I’ve been thinking that and meaning to write it for about a week now.
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  1. Liz says:

    I also loved that about the HB bowlers. I swear to god, even when we’re not trying to make a point (ladies and gentlemen, I give you: “teacher of the year”), we throw in a little whimsy. And god knows we could use some whimsy right about now.
    You don’t have to clean your room before the parents descend. Your room is only a mess to you, the person who sees how it could be better organized. You do NOT have papers lying around at random. It is NOT a fire hazard. Your room is indicative of a person who teaches in an interesting way, with lots of visuals and manipulatives. Those things require space. And that’s what you don’t have enough of.
    So RELAX. Try to enjoy the ride. It’ll be FINE. And tomorrow, maybe, Planet Earth? Just sayin’. Maybe Sociology would like to watch it, too.

  2. Anne says:

    I second what Liz says!

    I u, Liz!


  3. Anne says:

    Okay, that’s supposed to say I u, Liz but apparently it’s not coming out. In case what I just typed doesn’t come out, it said I heart u, Liz.

    Enough with this computer today! Argh!

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