3 March, 2010 23:41

1. Went to a county wide department mtg, and am now waiting for a burger before heading back to school for a play tonight. 2. Burger at Ray’s. A student working there. She comped me the burger which was very sweet. I think she was the one who was serving the pig knuckles at the international dinner last year. I took one to try. It was not my favorite, but I think it might have just paid off, though I do always feel a little bad when something like that happens. I wouldn’t want her to get in trouble. 3. Went to the play. Dark. Very very dark. Meaning depressing. When are these kids going to cheer up and do the “my little pony retrospective, or something 4. Last week when I was so busy, I got a supreme gift from Melissa. She came over while I was at school and cleaned my kitchen, bought food and did some laundry! It was an awesome treat to come home to! 5. It’s only wednesday? Really?

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