1. Spring Break!
  2. Very exciting day today.  I went to the doctor for the first time in years.  I really like my new doctor, and I like that all the services are under one roof.  I go back tomorrow and Wednesday for bloodwork, etc  and then I’ll have a clean slate.  Hooray for me!
  3. That yarn I bought in Vermont is the best ever.  I’ve also, in the crafty line signed up for a workshop with Betz White, she of the felted sweaters.  Very excited.
  4. I’ve been using relish.com thanks to a recommendation from AT, and I really like it.  They provide menus and generate a shopping list.  It keeps you on budget and with good dinner.  If I could get that system into high rotation I’d save money and eat more healthfully.  For now, I’m a little hit and miss on the execution.  Everything i have made however has been really tasty.  In particular I liked a snow pea, couscous and feta salad, and then there were the tomatoes and onion cooked with cumin that was topped with an egg and baked in the oven.
  5.  Time for 24!  Then bed, and tomorrow: pancakes and room cleaning!  Maybe some coffee sleeve making on Wednesday!
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  1. AB says:

    I’m proud of you for going to the doctor, El. 🙂

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