11 April, 2010 12:43

1. Sitting in the sun in Claredon, feeling like a young urbanite. Just visited the apple store. Change to Iphone might be in the cards July 1 when I am eligible for an upgrade. 2. Waiting for AB. We are lunching then going to Pottery Barn. She has store credit we are going to exchange for an item to put in the auction. 3. Feeling pretty good about the auction 2 weeks out. Pretty good donations, now just need to get people to come. 4. What a nice day out today. 5. Went to Daddy’s retirement party last night. People said really nice things about him. Always nice to find out that what you think is true about the people you love is really true. There was also good teasing about his age. My favorite: “and then he went to work at DARPA, when we were making the transition from the trebuchet to the catapult.” Snerk. Great line and delivery.

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