1. No, did not fall off planet.  Just busy, busy, busy, and forgot about my obligation to the word.
  2. Silent Auction is this weekend.  Looking good I think.  The range of fear vacillates between : will we have enough items, we have too many items; will enough people come, what if too many people come.  Straight up insanity.  Yo. 
  3. Suddenly I want to find a guitar to add to the cause.  We are doing this for Father Yohana, so he can have a car,  but I am remembering that first rural church in Tanzania, where they wanted a guitar and amplifier.
  4. That cancer is a MOFO.  A very dear friend at school is in the battle now, and I just can’t believe it, and I don’t know what to do, and it just is a big pile of suck.
  5. Was on the hiring committee for the middle school principal.  We interviewed and at our school students sit on the committee and we all vote on the choice.  I was so proud of them.  They were very insightful and wonderful.  One of the assistant superintendents from the ed center was there and I think she was dazzled as well.  We made our pick and now it goes to the Supe and the Board.  They won’t announce it until May 6!  All I can say is “I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement and I can’t talk about it.” ARGH!  But the process was great, and I am glad to be reminded of how much kids can do if you let them.
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  1. lizzz says:

    Thank you for remembering your obligations to the world! I’ve missed you in this venue! And I am afraid I may miss the blowout tomorrow night, and am both sad and sorry about that. You have worked SO hard on this, I know it will be a resounding success! Please count me in for $50– either as a donation or, if you get crazy, bid on something fun that you or we would like!

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