28 April, 2010 21:17

1. No need to post via email other than I am upstairs and the computer is downstairs and neither of us feels like moving. 2. The auction was great and raised good money. 3. Now on to the next event, the altar guild tea. I am baking the scones again this year, but Melissa is helping me, which is really nice. I’m letting go of my home oven advantage to go do it while hanging out at her house, but I anticipate only a two batch adjustment period will be necessary, and since she is making half the total number, there should be plenty of adaptation time. 4. A friend at school has cancer and is starting her chemo and radiation tomorrow. She’s the glue of our team, the most experienced, sensible and positive, and a great and long time friend too. She and I have been joking and conferring about what’s happening and she and her doctors are very positive, but just hit me that she is going to be mostly out for the rest of the year, and I am suddenly completely sad. 5. Have I mentioned that cancer sucks? Because it does.

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One Response to 28 April, 2010 21:17

  1. Liz says:

    It does suck.
    I have forgotten to ask how your post-scone meeting went. Remind me tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I am bringing slices of veggie terrine to lunch for sharing.
    Mmm… terrine.

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