24 May, 2010 20:27

1. Quite a bustle lately. School is hard. Feel tired teaching classes. Doing SOL review which makes me feel inadequate. 2. Schedule might be really different next year which is exciting. Handing over Sociolgy and Ancient Civ to new department member, and picking up a study skills and organzation class (yes, laugh it up mom and dad. It is the blind leading the blind) and in an exciting new development…yearbook! I see it as a Public Relations/yearbook class where we would promote and document school events, as well as produce propaganda for inside and outside the building. 3. Watching the finale of 24. Where oh where is aaron pierce, super agent? He will make everything better. 4. Paul has been on fire with the house cleaning lately. I can keep up with the downstairs, but my neglect of my room is ridiculous. It is a big toilet. 5. Went to the ball game for ali’s birthday. During the presidents race abe knocked teddy and george down. I hope he was disqualified. More evidence than ever that he is on the juice!

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