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26 June, 2010 09:08

1. School’s out! 2. We finished well with a great 8th grade pool party and promotion, though I brutally banged my toe beforehand and it may or may not be broken, but is fabulous shade of purple. 3. Teacher play … Continue reading

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Wha’s this?  The end of school?  the las two weeks have been the longest in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!  I mean honestly.  How can it be only Wednesday? In his final push I am participating in the Relay for … Continue reading

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6 June, 2010 10:22

1. Sitting at an outlet mall while the girls do some shopping. 2. Very hot out. 3. Things went well on this trip, so far as I know! We met up with the other teachers and their groups on the … Continue reading

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I am at a Starbucks in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Chaperoning a trip for Julie’s TA.  Her chemo and radiation made it impossible for her to come.  So I drove them down, we went to the beach yesterday, celebrated one girl’s … Continue reading

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