1. Wha’s this?  The end of school?  the las two weeks have been the longest in the HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!  I mean honestly.  How can it be only Wednesday?
  2. In his final push I am participating in the Relay for Life with the school team.  The kids have done all the work, and I think it is going to be a good event.  They are good childrens.  I am actually looking forward to spending the night out in a field with them, as we do laps around the track.  They’ve raised a good amount of money too.  I went tonight to pick up the shirts and such from the organizers and you would have thought I was the second coming, they were so impressed with the kids and our team!
  3. In a fit of sauciness, I wrote the superintendent of schools and told him he ought to come to the relay, and implied he should donate too. Dude better pony up.
  4. So there is the relay, decorating for the Stratford (special needs program based at our school) graduation (I went NUTS  at party city today buying stuff for that, so the eighth grade can go crazy with some crepe paper on Friday) writing the teacher play, finishing grades, a birthday party with Paul’s family, a baseball game with AB, altar guild, the final workout with the group at school for the year, all of these things happening in the next 5 days.  So maybe, just maybe, the idea of driving 2 1/2 hours to ShrineMont and 2 1/2 hours back tomorrow evening to show the senior class the video I made for them in 8th grade, is a little too much.  The science teacher is all up for the idea, and I think I shall send him on with my blessing.  I think that is one of those things that would be a great idea as I left school at 2 to go, but would be a terrible idea around 8, when I had to turn around and come back.
  5. My google calendar is not syncing, and I am a woman lost because I am losing track of events.   I am using this as an excuse to switch to the Iphone come July, but calendar wise this change can’t come soon enough.  I may have to actually write things down on a sheet of paper in the interim.  Oh the horror.  If you are expecting me somewhere and I am not there, it is the calendar’s fault.
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  1. Lucy-Lee S. Reed says:

    Easy on making fun of paper calendars – I’m syncing two of those now!! M

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