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1. Long day of driving today. 2. Went through Wisconsin. The western half was very hilly and pretty and I wish there was a scenic overlook at the Mississippi River, because it seemed especially beautiful. 3. The eastern half did … Continue reading

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I tanked out early in the spelling bee, not making it past round two, when I mistook precedence for precedent.  Dammit! We saw the sights in tiny Walnut Grove, including “Pa’s Bell” in the tower of the Lutheran church (in … Continue reading

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I walked through the dorm last night, going to my car to get an extra pillow, and the vending machine for some doritos, and was awed by the hushed quiet of the dorm.  All the prairie people were tucked up … Continue reading

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Things are going great at Laurapalooza.  Have met really nice people including Wendy McClure, of whom more will be said in point the second.  I am trying  to be cool, and not a total spaz.  Not sure it is working. … Continue reading

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14 July, 2010 22:31

1. Had nice lunch with high school friend in Iowa City. Caught up, mused on complications life throws at us. Very nice to see him again. I’ve been lucky to have so many good people in my life, combined with … Continue reading

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A rough start today.  My choice to linger and have coffee with Ali, but just a dumb mistake that I left my purse at school, and didn’t realize it until I was 40 miles away.  I recovered though, and am … Continue reading

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ITTY BITTY KITTY BETTY!  Once again I have taken leave of my senses, made a large donation to the Tacoma Washington Humane society and won the opportunity to name one of the Itty Bitty Kitties!  Thanks to Jeff McQ for the inspiration, … Continue reading

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