1. I spend so much time online, yet rarely post.  I think I blame facebook, though I don’t spend that much time on that site.  I also blame netflix instant viewing.
  2. New Orleans was a good trip.  Superhot, though.  Glad to see that the tourists have returned to the city.  Our youth group is there now.
  3. High school reunion this weekend.  Whatever will I wear?  I did get a little enthused about the thing, last week when I was writing up my info, and looking at my yearbooks.  Really glad Katherine and Jim are coming.
  4. I need to call them.  I need to call Julie.  And Kristen.  And the insurance company.   Damn you instant viewing!
  5. I worked on my classroom for a bit today, and happened to stumble on the textbook moving, and Iguess it’s good I did.  They had been left in the wrong room, a classroom, rather than the cafeteria, and I think the book dealer was ready to strip every single book out of that room.  I clarified what was what, but did go back later and remove a few things,  just in case.   Good thing I was there, and had my nose in other people’s business.  All I am saying.
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2 Responses to

  1. hippiehigh says:

    FOr real, though! This is why you should consider becoming an administrator. I would hire you. Regardless, whoever that teacher was who almost lost all his or her textbooks will SURELY appreciate the location of your nose.
    FYI, this is what happens when all the administrators are on vacation. Just saying.

  2. Eleanor says:

    I think this problem was more at the the, ahem, department level, if you know what I am saying.

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