14 July, 2010 22:31

1. Had nice lunch with high school friend in Iowa City. Caught up, mused on complications life throws at us. Very nice to see him again. I’ve been lucky to have so many good people in my life, combined with less lucky that I was with some of them for such a short time. 2. A long drive, over 1000 miles, but very beautiful, especially northern Iowa. I was not expecting the rolling hills. Lovely. 3. Now here at Laurapalooza, an academic/fan conference about Laura Ingalls Wilder. Have already met some very nice people. Sorry to say, though, that crop circle simply refered to a location behind the dorm, not a wheat stomping activity. 4. Am posting from blackberry because I am having problems linking my computer with the dorm network. Ahh the dorm. Old school to be back in a tiny room. Can’t believe I did this for 3 years, but am enjoying the simplicity at the moment. 5. The how of ending up here will have to wait for the computer, since the story is better with links (internet, not sausage.)

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