1. A rough start today.  My choice to linger and have coffee with Ali, but just a dumb mistake that I left my purse at school, and didn’t realize it until I was 40 miles away.  I recovered though, and am now in Illinois.  The speed limit is 70 in Indiana, and the roads were nice and clear.  I like it when you find your soul mates on the road: those people who have their cruise control set at exactly the same speed, and create a comfortable pack and pocket in which to travel.  Yet more evidence, that the people of the world could live in harmony if they tried.
  2. Going to stop and visit a high school friend tomorrow, and then onto Laurapalooza.  I am only 2 1/2 hours from him, and then 4 1/2 to Mankato.  I love it when a plan comes together.
  3. Total thumbs up to the Ohio rest stops.  Clean; modern; round in shape.
  4. Holiday Inn may try to tease me in with their warm cinnamon rolls and points in some mystery account, but in the end, if all you have is a smoking room for $145?  Not going to happen.  Oh Super 8, how could I ever have doubted you?  Please forgive me.  I’ll never stray again.
  5. Tomorrow, the story of how I ended up going to something called Laurapalooza.  Also, early reports from the opening ice cream social and “crop circle.”  Really hoping that means we are heading into a field with boards and making some sort of alien presentation.
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  1. RomeLover says:

    oh, can’t wait to hear the stories!! hope you see aliens too. in period dress!

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