10 August, 2010 22:22

1. I have been obsessively cleaning and organizing my classroom this week and last. 2. I’ve done a lot at home too, and can almost imagine the moment where I am the organized creative person that i dream of. 3. I also picture this person more like the cute 5 year old I saw in some old pictures tonight. All short dress and little shoes, and the smallest person in the room, rather than the largest. 4. There was an amazing storm in the area last week that knocked down some big beautiful trees. Amazingly, no one was hurt. It makes me sad to see the big trees come down, because it is the end of an era. Whatever little sapling they plant in its place will never get that big in my lifetime. Our years are measured in falling trees. 5. I admit, I’ve been playing far too much monopoly on my new iPhone. I need to have a game with a live human! A party may be in the offing!

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One Response to 10 August, 2010 22:22

  1. Melissa says:

    Excellent idea! Would love a rousing Monopoly marathon with you, Chris and Michael! Perhaps before school starts?

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