19 August, 2010 17:43

1. I’ve made lots of progress at school. Both 4 drawer file cabinets purged and put out in the hall. Two new 2 drawer cabinets ordered. New book stuff sorted. Counters cleared. Plan to spend one day next week completing the cleaning and organizing, then it’s time to actually think about the teaching part. What’s that children? You want to learn? No no, let’s just sit quietly and lo at the nice clean room. 2. We had a nice family trip to Luray to see the Naginey cousins a few weeks ago. Michael was at camp and Melissa had to work, so it was a road trip, like way back when, except that now mom and dad are sitting in the back seat instead of Chris and me. Don’t make me pull this car over! 3. Mom and dad seem to be having a great time on their trip to Germany. Chris and I got them tickets to the passion play and a hotel in Oberammergau, Germany for their 50th anniversary. It makes me happy to see pictures of them in the sweet little town, and also with Richard and his family in Heidelberg. 4. Now Ali and I are headed to Seattle to meet Charlene Butterbean and the itty bitty kitties. She “won” the visit being the high bidder in the fundraiser for the Seattle-Tacoma Humane Society. This is the same fundraiser wherein I “won” naming rights to an itty bitty kit this year and last. Of course, we had to pay to get there, so it is possible that we are not smart with money, and out of our minds. To me, however it fits right in with the summer of the bizarre, what with the Laurapalooza. I will twitter and it is possible Laurie, the human of the IBKC (www.theittybittycommittee.com) will post some pics about our adventures. 5. I have put my iPhone in “airplane” mode and typed this post on the plane and will send it when we get to Houston. (yes, that’s right, VA to WA via Houston. That’s just how it is.) Really like the iPhone, but I do miss the blackberry keyboard. Try as i might it is not really possible to type with more than the index finger.

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