22 August, 2010 23:09

1. It baffles me to think that so many people are in an airplane going to the same place in the same day for different purposes. Where are they going? How is it possible they cam fill multiple planes every day? I’m pretty sure we were the only two people headed to Seattle to have tea with a cat. What is everyone else up to? 2. Tea with the Bean was wonderful. http://www.theittybittykittycommittee.com/2010/08/tea-with-bean.html Our host, Laurie was so nice, there was excellent food, and a soft pile of kittens. Can’t beat that! 3. I liked visiting the Pike’s Place market. We saw the fish being thrown, of course, and saw a woman get engaged when they threw her a fish with a ring in it! The flowers were so beautiful and only 10$ for a bouquet that would cost 35 or more in Arlington. 4. Church today at St. Mark’s cathedral in Seattle. An interesting place, never finished, but lovely and open, albeit a little stubby in height. We went to church and lunch with Sarah L., one of our, now grown Grace church “yutes.” 5. A long walk tonight through pretty Seattle neighborhood where we are staying and watching the sunset and light up the clouds with gold. Headed home tomorrow, very early. A great trip, but now time to head home and see my own, no so bitty kitties.

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