1. I am undertaking a reupholstery task, which is a little daunting, and now I am wondering, even though I am capable of doing the task, why I am doing it?  What am I looking for in terms of style?  I have none, but would like some. 
  2. A fine time in Seattle.  In addition to itty bitty kitties, saw a woman get engaged at the Pike’s place market, when they threw her a fish with an engagement ring in it.
  3. My classroom is very tidy, all papers gone through and clutter reduce by a millions.  Now if only I knew how to teach my two new classes.
  4. Four days left until back to work.  The summer went quickly!  All the travel add to the feeling of speed.
  5. Must find a style,  must find a style, must find a style.  And why did I pick brown for the chairs?  The cool flower pattern was too expensive.  The green seems to trendy.  I really shouldn’t be put in charge of these things.  Must find some style!
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  1. Melissa says:

    Naaaah! Style is overrated. And it’s expensive! :o)

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