1. I haven’t had any back to school nightmares this year, but I have been waking up unusually early.  4:00am this morning.  Also have a slight feeling of sheer terror that it all begins again on Monday.
  2. I have two things I really have needed to work on all day, and I haven’t done either.  Follies and Laundry. If only there was a cash bonus for completing both before I go off to work on Monday.  I know I will be so much happier if follies are done, and less smelly if I have clean clothes. Yet I am full of ennui. And sloth.  And fat.
  3. The first task of reupholstery is stripping the chair of the old stuff.  I think whoever did this chair originally thought, “why only use one staple when I can use 2 or three.  After much work I have the back and sides off.  Now onto the arms.  Why didn’t I think of this bright idea at the beginning of the summer!  I am doing to commit to 1/2 hour a day, at a minimum, I think.
  4. Went with AB to the food distribution at Resurrection Church.  We helped give out food to over 100 families and individuals.  They were very nice folks, and though the work was a little tiring, it went fast, and of course it was fun to work with AB.
  5. I’m working on making a starter for sourdough.  Today it grew very aggressively!  I hope to be able to keep it alive and make some bread!  Right after I reupholster the chair, go to my job and nap extensively.
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