1. How can I have worked so much this summer and have no confidence about starting school tomorrow? Maybe I am all hat, no cattle. Maybe I am too spread into activities outside the class. Maybe I am just a weenie, and I need to get in there and get to work. 2. I do feel very intimidated always, by the number of new people I have to deal with in a new school year. I want to do a better job of getting to know the students, but I also want to hide in my room and not come out. 3. Chair upholstery update: It is from hell. 4. Mom and dad’s 50th anniversary party yesterday was great. They looked so wonderful and happy. It was great to be surrounded by so many family and friends. I mostly kept repressed my own issues about how confusing is the nature of love. Mostly. 5. Follies, as usual does not write itself, but it will be done tomorrow, or I will cut someone. And by cut I mean smack, and by someone, I mean me.

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