1. I have tried to notice trees more, ever since I heard of the ” Notable Trees of Arlington. They really are magnificent things, all of them, not just the notables, and I like to make a conscious effort to look up and really see them. I feel guilty then, disliking the giant pine that is in front of our place. I found myself wishing the snow, or the storm had taken it down, because it’s shape doesn’t appeal to me. Terrible thoughts. I hope it doesn’t know how I feel. 2. This year’s eighth grade seems tolerable thus far. I’m trying to see them too (like the trees.). I want to be more deliberate about getting to know them. I try to make notes after class, but a complication so far, is that three or four of them have the same name, and I am not sure which is which! 3. Exercise begins this week. I am dreading it, though I know I could easily want to do once I get back in the swing of things. 4. Planning the yearbook class is complicated. 5. A good thought from this weekend “if you are going to do something, pray about it. If you can’t pray to God about it, don’t do it. And if after you do something, you can’t thank God for it, never do or again.”

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  1. JJM says:

    Your first thing is kind of a cross between Joyce Kilmer and Neil Peart. Deep man – deep.

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