1. It is so lovely outside, my longing for a porch or patio or balcony is almost out of control!
2. Why do I have so many towels?
3. I keep waking up at three in the morning. I feel my weight is to blame. I feel so entirely unhealthy.
4. Also in the mix in the early wakeup are thoughts about the new yearbook class I am teaching. I have many more people than I anticipated. I didn’t hold the line on the independent study enrollment. Also I just don’t know what I am doing! Good times. I’ll figure it out, but it is really stressful to wake to these tortured thoughts.
5. This perception has developed, in our workout group (which began Tuesday, but my first time to go is today) that I am all enthusiastic and encouraging, which I find ridiculous, because I had a terrible attitude, and worked so little last year that I gained weight all year long. It’s like people are just making stuff up! Seriously, I have no recollection of meeting this person they are talking about.

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  1. hippiehigh says:

    I am telling you, E, people respect you as a leader, and they see you that way even when you’re not feeling that way on the inside. You have established a presence, and it is an encouraging one.

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