1. I love my kitties.  Kevin is sleeping on the ottoman with his big paws dangling and his tummy available for a rub.  Violet has found a new favorite spot; on the corner and arm of my big chair, and I can reach up at any moment and scritch her head.  Kevin is very quiet, and rarely meows.  Violet has a strong voice and lets out a loud meow when you pet here, or when Paul talks from downstairs and she and I are upstairs.  Whereas Kevin will nap downstairs, especially when Paul is home, Violet is almost always near me, especially when I am sitting down.
  2. I’m giving the TV show “The Event” a try.  Weird and promising so far.  Wish it wasn’t opposite “Dancing with the Stars” because I like watching the dancing.
  3. I aspire to make a good cupcake, but have not yet found the knack.  I might try new pans.  When Brian and Michele gave me really high quality cookie sheerts, that made a big difference in my cookies.
  4. Kevin can also detect the opening of any ice cream container any where in the house. Or planet.
  5. Every year when we leave ShrineMont, AB and Ali and I like to stop at a gas station at Tom’s Brook VA, because there is a dairy queen. You know, because we eat so little at ShrineMont.  HA.  Anywho, there is this game o chance, a thing full of quarters where a thing slides out and shoves the quarters closer and closer to the edge, so you drop in your quarter in hope that will push other quarters off the edge into your waiting pockets.  I love that game.  I always lose money at it.  And now.  I have found the same type game, with pretend quarters, for my iphone.  Hellllloooo.
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