1. I feel cheerful.  I like that.
  2. I got an interesting scrapbooking kit from Melissa.  I like the looks of it.  There are nice cards to jot stuff down every day, and places to add pictures to go with.
  3. There was some room renovation this weekend.  Moved the bed back into the larger room.  Still a bit of decluttering to go, but the bed changed forced a laundry come to Jesus that was helpful.
  4. Chris and I went to see Hair at the Kennedy Center today.  Very entjoyable.  Also nice social time with AB and her photographer friend Doug.  Also a trip to the Icelandic festival with Sean and Asgier.  Lots of social, which would have bothered me a few weeks ago, but that I now want to enbrance.  I want to be the fun cheerful person I imagine myself to be.
  5. We need to write more in Geography class.  Watch out childrens!
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